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Teamsters working at Foster Farms take a stand! Ya basta!
Updated On: Jun 10, 2021
#WeAreEssential #teamsterslocal63 #teamsterslocal386 #teamsterslocal630 #teamsterslocal853 #teamstersjountcouncil7 #teamstersjointcouncil42 #Solidarity #Faircontractnow #WhatEverItTakes #FosterFarms - shame on you!

Negotiations with this company began in December 2020., After 14 sessions, The company continues to insult our members with ridiculous wage and "benefit" proposals. This has agitated the members to the point that for the first time ever, we conducted a “JUST PRACTICING PICKET”! 

The negotiating committee has been working very diligently, organizing actions, speaking with local politicians, and have even reached out to the owner “Ron Foster” 

Still, the company returned with a LBFO, with wages of ($0.14 cents for 80% $0.18 cents to another 10% of the workforce/mostly women, and a Medical plan that will actually force the workers to pay, to work at foster farms! 

Sadly, this has been the trend at Foster Farms. For decades the workers have accepted minimum-wage contracts with a bonus tied to them. We have had several educational craft meetings and very personal conversations with these members about how the company uses their fear to keep them divided and in this trend.

On May 23rd the members did something Historic at foster farms, for the 1st time ever the members rejected the offer 100% and also voted unanimously to strike if the company doesn’t give them what they deserve! 


630 members @FosterFarms stand in solidarity for respect & dignity, fighting for a fair contract! Our members are fed up with the greed and disrespect from @FosterFarms. 630 members unanimously voted to reject the companies offer. The level of greed & disrespect is atrocious. Trying to sandbag our members with your so-called “Bonuses” while gutting our essential services member's medical benefits and attempting to force them into the public health care system is unacceptable and will not be tolerated! Stay tuned for more updates as our members will not allow @FosterFarms to treat them this way.

#WeAreEssential #teamsterslocal63 #teamsterslocal386 #teamsterslocal630 #teamsterslocal853 #teamstersjountcouncil7 #teamstersjointcouncil42 #Solidarity #Faircontractnow #WhatEverItTakes

#FosterFarms - shame on you!

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